Fine Art at your Fingertips
Fine Art at your Fingertips
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Who We Are

From a fierce reserve to a burning passion for art, I kept the characteristic of a great “collector” that lead to the Romilus Art Gallery.

Growing up in a neighborhood full of talented people, where art was the primary focus of people of all ages, I was naturally drawn to art. Paintings to be specific.

I completed my first painting at the age of 7-years-old. When I reached 11-years-old, my father decided to help me perfect my techniques and enrolled me in an art school, where I later focused on portraits.

After spending many years painting, selling my own artwork, and collecting master pieces, I decided to open Romilus Art Gallery. An online gallery offering original paintings, designed by hundreds of independent talented artists from around the world.

Romilus Art Gallery is the central place for art lovers and collectors, eager to discover creative artists with mastered techniques.