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Fine Art at your Fingertips
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Young Haitian Scholars

We at Romilus Art Gallery are committed to helping young scholars in Haiti and around the world.

With the agreement between Romilus Art Gallery and the Young Haitian Scholarship, Inc., we will donate a portion of our profits for every sell we make.

Who they are:

Young Haitian Scholars, Inc. (YHS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded with the goal to improve education in Haiti. We strongly believe that education is the key for advancement of a people. Access to quality education in Haiti continues to be a major challenge faced by the country. There are many NGO’s that currently exist to aid in education and we’re joining the movement to advance opportunities available to the youth. According to USAID, the lead U.S Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty,

“Surveys indicate that approximately 35 percent of Haitian youth are unable to read and that the average Haitian child spends less than four years in school.”

We find these facts alarming and heartbreaking. It is therefore our goal to improve the nation’s condition by providing educational programs that strengthen the youth academically, provide co-curricular programs to help them grow into well-rounded individuals and build skills that they will have for the rest of their lives. By creating this organization we will reduce the amount of students who drop out of school, fail state exams and over time we will increase the rate of literacy in Haiti.

These opportunities for the kids will encourage them to stay away from negative activities & influences. Allowing them to build a team of trusted positive influences that will make them feel secure in order to continue to grow positively.

The Mission:

The Purpose of Young Haitian Scholars, Inc. is to improve the quality of education in Haiti by partnering with schools to implement co-curricular programs that encourage skill development, provide internship, tutoring and counseling for the country’s youth. We also focus on providing health education to encourage better hygiene, nutrition and prevent diseases.

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